As any business owner today likely knows, social media is a powerful tool. Whether that means setting up a strong Google Business Profile or managing a Facebook page, business professionals need to have a pulse on what their online presence looks like. Unsurprisingly, few platforms garner as much attention as Instagram. For business owners, the photo- and video-based platform can serve as a major asset to help promote products and services or get the word out about new offerings.

Here are a few tips to make the most of the platform:

1 | Craft strong captions with a consistent voice

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the caption. Instead, use the caption space as a platform to share your message and connect with readers. When crafting a strong caption, make sure to present a consistent voice that reflects your brand and resonates with readers. Don’t jump from professional to breezy and fun from one post to the next. The key here is to write content that reflects who you are and what you’re trying to communicate.

2 | Use all the tags

Tags are those little details that can often go overlooked as you’re drafting the perfect photo and caption combo. Unfortunately, forgetting to include them can mean serious potential reach lost. Before you post, make sure to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to tagging. Here are a few tags to keep in mind:

  • Geotag – Tag the place your post references. This could be anything from your business’s address to a partner location or even the city or county in which you’re based. Locations are searchable on Instagram, so this can be a powerful tagging tool.
  • Caption tag – When you’re writing out a caption, instead of writing the full name of a business or person, use their tag handle instead. Doing this will enable the post to pop up in the tagged account’s notifications and will make it easier for followers to find more information about those tagged accounts.
  • In-photo tag – It may seem redundant to tag someone in the caption and the photo, but there is a difference. By tagging a business or individual in a photo, you’ll ensure the photo will show up in the account’s tagged section on their profile, which means more post visibility for you.

3 | Talk to the audience

Sometimes posting on social media can feel like dropping content into a void, with no clue as to who sees it or what happens next. To better connect with your audience, try incorporating calls to action, or CTAs, into your post. This could be anything from asking followers a question to prompting them to comment with their favorite emoji or sending you a DM with an idea. Not only will this boost engagement and help your brand’s presence on Instagram, but it will also help you to stay in contact with your community.

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