Our Services

Custom Publications

Publications are a powerful marketing and communications tool.

But you need the right partner to ensure a strategic approach, efficient production process and quality result.

TMCC can help you with:

  • Concept development
  • Project management
  • Editorial planning, copy writing and editing
  • Fact-checking and proofreading
  • Graphic design and page production
  • Photography and original illustrations
  • Turnkey advertising sales
  • Printing management
  • Fulfillment and distribution programs
  • Mailing list acquisition/direct mail programs
  • Interactive publications
  • E-marketing/promotion
  • Re-purposing content/graphics for website use
Content Creation

Want your customers and prospects to pay attention? Then you need great copy.

TMCC can help you with:

  • Editorial concept development
  • Content planning
  • Research and reporting
  • Copy writing for print and web
  • Editing
  • Data collection and corroboration
  • Database management
  • Native content writing
  • Content coordination with graphic design
  • Proofreading
Digital Marketing

We understand the value of multi-channel, multi-platform marketing and communications.

Our suite of services guarantees a well-rounded campaign, backed by analytics that track effectiveness.

TMCC can help you with:

  • Programmatic display ads across the internet, with targets selected by geography, demographics or consumer behavior
  • Retargeting to deliver follow-up messages to your website visitors
  • Filters that set limits on how often prospects view your ad or the time of day ads are seen
  • Geofencing to reach targets when they’re in your area, after they stop at your location or if they visit a specific site, such as a competitor
  • E-mail marketing to an opt-in audience of 140+ million consumer and business emails nationwide, segmented by a range of options
  • “Lift” analysis to measure campaign effectiveness, assessing online behavior of those who saw your messages versus those who didn’t
  • Native advertising, formatted like surrounding content on leading websites
  • Pre-roll video targeting audiences based on behavior, demographics, geography or content

Graphic Design

Count on TMCC’s team to bring creativity and clarity to the design process — and to deliver compelling results.

We’ll match the look and feel of the finished product with your brand, audience and objectives.

TMCC can help you with:

  • Design review and concept development
  • Publication designs and redesigns
  • Stock and historical image research and selection
  • Original photography and illustrations
  • Map design, redesign and updating
  • Color correction/photo enhancement
  • Publication layout
  • Page design and production
  • Printer-ready file preparation
  • Printer selection and management
  • Digital magazine creation/hosting/analytics
  • E-communication templates
  • Logo and banner design
Advertising Sales

Our veteran sales staff can generate revenue — both in print and online — to help cover your project costs.

TMCC can help you with:

  • Rate-setting for print, online, sponsorships, place-based opportunities
  • Copy writing and design for rate cards and sales materials
  • Prospect research and identification
  • Sales database development
  • Sales outreach and presentations
  • Design and distribution of sales e-communications
  • Ad copy writing, design and production (print and digital)
  • Ad materials trafficking and archiving
  • Invoicing and collections
  • Royalty/revenue-share reporting

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