Every visitor and convention bureau faces the same struggle year after year: how do you promote the same sights, restaurants, shops and venues repeatedly, while still making your content seem fresh?

Luckily, we can help. Here is a list of expert tips on how to keep your travel content compelling from one year to the next.

1 | Add a multimedia component

Even if you publish a print guide (which you should), you can add interest to the guide by linking to videos via QR codes throughout the book. The videos could be behind-the-scenes footage of photo shoots you did for the guide, or a quick, informal tour of a notable local place by one of your staff members.

2 | Tell a story

Is there an intriguing story behind a local mansion or garden? For example, is it said to be haunted, or is it connected to a family with a well-known name that might draw potential visitors’ interest? Put that story front and center. Here’s a great example showing how the Greater Wilmington CVB highlights the du Pont family’s influence on local attractions.

3 | Share other people’s content

Host a photo or essay contest to gather visitors’ impressions of your destination. Then, showcase the results in your guide and share them via social media to create even more visitor engagement.

4 | Partner with an influencer

Chances are, someone in your area has a following on social media, and working with them to explore some of your local attractions could be mutually beneficial for their brand and yours!

5 | Repurpose old content

Look through your archives and see if there’s anything that could be polished and reposted. For example, you could combine older articles about different attractions into an itinerary that also mentions some local restaurants or bars.

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