With the much-discussed advent of generative AI — artificial intelligence that can produce various kinds of content based on prompts from a user — it’s become easier than ever to plug your information into an algorithm and let it do the work for you. But should you?

It’s true that AI is constantly learning and getting smarter. But the truth of the matter is that, for now, AI tools still struggle with creating certain kinds of imagery — for example of human hands and feet.

Then there’s the fact that AI learns by scraping existing information off the internet. What this means in practice is that any kind of design AI creates for you is going to be based on something that’s already out there. And who wants their brand to have derivative advertising?

Even if you’re not concerned about doing what’s already been done, remember that many AI tools don’t consider whether scraped content is copyrighted. As a result, an AI-generated image might make use of content it doesn’t own — and you could be left with the resulting liability.

So when it comes to advertising — which is after all the first thing a lot of prospective customers will see about your business — don’t roll the AI dice. Instead, we recommend going for some good, old-fashioned human creativity and enjoying the beauty that results.

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