Curious about AI, otherwise known as artificial intelligence? There are many ways this oft-discussed technology can benefit businesses of all sizes… if you know how to leverage the tools properly. Here are a handful of AI platforms that might be useful.


Arguably the most discussed of all AI platforms, ChatGPT is an OpenAI chatbot that can do many things for businesses. Sales professionals can use it to help draft pitch letters, while marketers can use it to brainstorm copy for everything from email blasts to posters to social media posts. For writers and editors, ChatGPT can serve as a proofreading tool to help catch spelling errors and make text more concise. To use it, simply create an account, enter a prompt (the more specific, the better), and watch as the platform creates what you need.

Formula Bot

For those working in finance, Formula Bot can be a serious time-saver. This AI tool helps with data analysis and Excel formula generation so that everyone from Excel newbies to spreadsheet pros can gain back precious minutes of their days. Use this tool to set up formulas, make entire spreadsheets, generate SQL queries, automate tasks with scripts, and more.


If you’re working with coding and secure data, Snyk can be a major asset. The tool, which is powered by DeepCode AI, relies upon more than 25 million data-flow cases and multiple AI models to help users find and fix any vulnerable areas. As the seemingly never-ending onslaught of cyberattacks proves, setting up secure code for your business is more important than ever.


Scribe is an excellent AI tool for businesses and departments of any size and focus. This platform helps users create guides for everything from onboarding new hires and answering frequently asked questions to assisting customers and building training documents. So, whether you’re a hiring manager looking to streamline your onboarding procedure or a department lead hoping to educate employees about a new process more quickly, Scribe may be able to help.


This one’s for marketers. Looka allows users to create or adapt a logo to craft a standout design that feels one-of-a-kind and fits well within their business’s industry. Looka can also create and identify brand colors and fonts to make cohesive marketing materials of all sorts. From there, the only thing left to do is add that branding to business cards, social profiles, email signatures, and more — which Looka can also help with.

A final note: Be wary if you’re using any content- or image-based AI tools. Many of the content platforms have limits on how recently they’re able to pull information (such as through 2020). Because of this, AI is not a great option for fact-checking or comprehensive researching. Similarly, images sourced through AI can fall into a gray area when it comes to photo attribution. If you’re hoping to create photos for your website or publication, it’s likely safer to go with a dedicated photographer or designer instead.

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