With the world adjusting to COVID as a fact of life, travel is making a roaring comeback in 2023. And that comeback entails several new consumer trends that visitor bureaus and hospitality businesses should be aware of.

1 | Vacationers are looking for ways to “travel light.”

More and more, travelers have been looking to slim down their luggage. Destinations that hope to lure the clutter-conscious should highlight hotels offering bulky items (such as exercise equipment) for rent, or introduce potential visitors to local businesses that can supply travel essentials.

2 | The off-season is becoming more popular.

One side-effect of a global pandemic: many people have become less comfortable with crowds. So if your area is a popular one with summer travelers, consider using your website or printed materials to promote attractions that are still available — and less overrun — in the winter. Or highlight wellness options to help vacationers beat those seasonal blues.

3 | Authentic experiences remain a big hit.

Increasingly, travelers — especially younger ones — shy away from familiar brands and look for engagement with locally owned businesses and attractions. (For example, a study by travel booking platform GetYourGuide found that 90% of travelers want to experience their travel destination like locals do.) One way to interest visitors in what your destination has to offer: interview local residents and business owners to have them share their favorite places and spaces in your promotional materials.

4 | Digital nomads are the new audience you need to capture.

“Digital nomads” is a term for workers who roam the globe in search of the best place to get things done remotely. Versatile, quiet spots that offer internet access are a major asset in the global travel market — whether it’s the porch of a rental home looking out over stunning mountain vistas, or a flexible co-working space in a trendy neighborhood.

5 | Group bonding activities are more important than ever.

As more and more companies embrace the “work from anywhere” trend, another side effect is that co-workers need new ways to bond. This is going to lead to an uptick in internal company travel, and therefore a surge in demand for fun team activities — think mini-golf, axe-throwing and obstacle courses.

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