Your brand is your most valuable asset.

So when you trust somebody to tell your brand story for you, you want to make sure it’s the right kind of person. Someone who can write copy that’s engaging and easy to process and, most importantly, get to the heart of what your brand is about.

In other words, a journalist.

Why a journalist, you say? Seems like a marketer or ad copywriter would be a better choice.

And sure, we get it. Marketers and salespeople know how to craft an appealing message and broadcast it. But so do journalists, and they have a few other skills in their repertoire too.

Here are five reasons why journalists make the best content marketers:

1 | They can distill complex ideas into simple words.

One of the most important things to keep in mind about your brand story is that it needs to be easy to grasp. You don’t want to exclude any potential prospects because your content-marketing copy is too complex or technical. Journalists are taught to keep sentences short and takeaways straightforward.

2 | They’re tenacious.

Crafting a marketing message that works for your brand takes time. Journalists are used to working on the story they’re telling until it’s just right. That skill is just as valuable for content marketing as it is for breaking news.

3 | They’re used to meeting deadlines.

In journalism, meeting deadlines is crucial to staying relevant. When you’re working with a journalist, your marketing copy won’t just be on point — it’ll be on time.

4 | They don’t go for the hard sell.

Journalists are taught to remain neutral in their writing. This works perfectly in the current environment, where customers like to be wooed but are turned off by obvious promotion.

5 | They ask questions.

No one is closer to your brand than you are. Which means you might not always think to ask the questions that would occur to someone looking at your brand from a distance — say, a new customer. Journalists are used to questioning things, and may help you discover facets of your brand that you’d never considered.

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