Maybe you can’t meet your customers face to face these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected.

Now is the time to take a look at your digital marketing toolbox and add a few new arrows to your quiver. (Yes, it’s a mixed metaphor, but you know what we mean.)

Consider these steps to keep your customers engaged and grow your pool of prospects:

1 | Send out email updates about your operations.
What are you doing right now to keep serving customers? Let them know with an email blast that includes a link to your website. Once you’ve got their eyeballs on the page, they just might browse and discover new services they didn’t even know you offered.

2 | Take this time to analyze responses to your ads.
Chances are, if you advertise digitally, you have access to analytics showing who did or did not click on your ad. (If you don’t, you should.) By studying the results, you might be able to learn what you can do differently to make a bigger impression next time.

3 | Expand your audience with native content.
Get your brand message out there to a new crowd with native advertising on well-known websites. Native advertising is designed to look like the editorial content on the publisher’s website. Even a casual look at your content alongside a news article can do a tremendous amount for your name recognition down the road.

4 | Get your advertising mobile-ready.
Mobile ad copy needs to be concise. In fact, ads with four words or fewer get 28% more clicks on average from mobile users. You’ll also want a simple look to the ad — we recommend using no more than three colors.

5 | Educate yourself about targeting strategies.
The digital age has yielded a lot of new ways to target your audience based on geography, demographics, history, habits, etc. Yes, being followed around the web by someone’s ad can be creepy, but you’re usually at least a little bit tempted to click, right? Now is a good time to find out how you can use targeted display ads to benefit your own brand.

Shameless self-promotion: We can help you with all five of the strategies mentioned here. Just contact us at to start the conversation.