If we had a nickel for every time someone has declared print dead, only to eat their words later… well, we’d have quite a few nickels.

The point is this: print is more valuable and resilient than a lot of people give it credit for. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Print makes people happy.

No, seriously. You’ve probably subscribed to at least one magazine over the course of your life. Do you remember that little burst of happiness when you check your mailbox and find the most recent issue in there? You just don’t get that from clicking on a digital edition. (You also don’t get to experience that nice new-ink-and-paper smell. What do you mean, you’ve never sniffed a new book or magazine? Just us? Well, okay then.)

People pay attention to print.

When people read a print publication, they read it. On average, for at least 15 minutes, maybe with a nice cup of coffee or tea. When people scroll through an e-newsletter or click through a digital edition, they will almost inevitably stop to respond to a text or read an e-mail. In fact, chances are, they’ll forget all about what they were trying to read and never come back to it.

Print gives you a more targeted audience.

People who subscribe to a magazine or pick up a printed guide are already engaged with the information contained in that publication. This makes them inherently more promising prospects than someone who’s happened to stumble on a certain website and is unlikely to actually be interested in your brand’s message.

Print still comes with a trust bonus.

A survey of thousands of consumers in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, conducted by Kantar in 2017, found that print was by far the most trusted source of news. Since then, trust in print has continued to grow, as the public becomes ever more aware of misinformation peddled on online news sites and social media. Bottom line: for your brand, there is no more credible place to be than in the pages of a print publication.

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