Internal newsletters are a great way to keep employees engaged and let them know what’s going on with the company or their co-workers. But how do you craft a compelling newsletter that employees will actually want to read?

Here are a few easy tips.

1 | Ask Your Employees

The best source of information about content is always the audience for that content. So if you’re wondering what employees would like to see in a newsletter from their company — ask them. Send out an email encouraging feedback, launch a survey with perks for completion (e.g. a drawing for a gift card) or even ask people to volunteer for a brainstorming session that represents different departments and diverse viewpoints.

2 | Choose a Format That Provides Analytics

Rather than sending out your newsletters as PDF email attachments, choose an email marketing platform that allows you to analyze open rates and click-throughs on individual pieces to make sure that your content is actually working for you.

3 | Let Employees Contribute

Invite employees to share stories, whether they’re about positive client interactions, a major work achievement or a significant life event such as the birth of a child. People love being celebrated! (And adding cute baby pictures to your newsletter is always a plus.)

4 | Include Interactive Elements

Keep readers of your newsletter engaged by including polls (why not have them vote on the theme for this year’s holiday party, for example?) or trivia questions about company or industry facts.

5 | Share Company Updates — and Not Just Numbers

Internal newsletters can be a great way to let employees know about the financial health of the company. But don’t just throw quarterly numbers out there — let employees know how those numbers relate to your company’s goals, and how they’re helping you get to those goals with their daily contributions.

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