Whether digital or in print, ads are one of the best ways to get your brand in front of consumers. But given the sheer amount of information competing for your targets’ attention every day, how can you stand out?

Here are ways not to do it:

Write a novel.

Ad space is pricey, so it’s tempting to fill that space with everything you want your target audience to know. Resist that temptation. People’s eyes will slide right over an ad that is too heavy on the text. Anything more than two sentences and a couple of bullet points is probably excessive.

Combine messages.

One of the fastest ways to lose someone’s attention is by throwing too many different pieces of information at them, so stick to a single message if possible. For example, if you’re running two or more promotions at the same time, highlight the one that’s most important. You can use your call to action (“learn more at YourWebsite.com”) to encourage people to check out your other deals.

Leave people confused about what you want them to do.

Speaking of a call to action, your ad should have one. Do you want people to call you for a quote? Do you want them to check the list of services on your website? Let them know!

Try to be all things to all people.

Before you design your ad, consider your target audience carefully. Would you like your audience to be as large as possible? Of course! But at some point, the returns diminish. An ad that tries to speak to everyone may end up speaking to no one.

Be a one-hit wonder.

Even if an ad campaign has been successful in the past, don’t rest on your laurels. No matter how exciting your message, eventually, people’s attention is going to wander.

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