We’re living in uncertain times. It can be hard to decide how your brand message should be adapted to acknowledge this and meet prospects where they are, while also giving them hope for the future.

There have been missteps for some brands, of course, but quite a few have launched well-received campaigns. Here are some things these brands are doing right (and that you can do too):

1 | Remind customers you’re here for them.

Recent Ford commercials have included messages to let customers know that “we’re here to help” anyone who is having trouble making payments on a Ford auto loan. You can adapt that strategy to fit your own brand by sending the message that you know your customers’ plans are changing, and you’re here to help them figure out their next steps.

2 | Relate to customers on a personal level.

The COVID quarantine has made us all wistful for the days when it was easy to connect with others. While you can’t meet prospects in person right now, consider posting regular video messages on your website and social media, or emailing them to your clients. Talk about what’s new at your company, and how you’re continuing to work on behalf of your customers. Tip: Keep the videos short (20 to 50 seconds) and consider making the length part of the subject line.

3 | Take a step back from the sales pitch.

Some of the best ad messaging in the COVID age has come from brands simply reminding us of the need to be kind and help each other (e.g. Walmart or Budweiser). You may not be selling your services directly, but you’re communicating in a way that’s likely to stick in your prospects’ and customers’ minds.

4 | Build on existing customers’ loyalty.

Do you have loyal customers? Let them know how they can help you. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that right now is a tough time for businesses of all stripes, so if it would help for customers to write a testimonial, share a social media post or recommend you to a friend — let them know.

5 | Are you doing good things in the community? Don’t be afraid to brag (a little).

Even before the COVID outbreak, customers were becoming more aware of brands that make a difference in some way. Are you donating some of your proceeds to food banks? Providing services or expertise for a good cause? Let your customers and prospects know.

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