Fact 1: Squirrels plant a lot of trees… by accident.

Yes, squirrels do forget where they bury their acorns. All. The. Time. Estimates of the number of new, accidental squirrel trees planted each year range into the millions globally. According to North Country Public Radio, squirrels are critical to the survival of many nut-bearing tree species.


Fact 2: Cows have best friends.

Research from the University of Northampton in the UK shows that cows prefer to hang out with certain other individuals in their herds. These preferences don’t correlate to family bonds. In short: cow friendships are a thing.


Fact 3: Rabbit show jumping exists.

If there’s one thing guaranteed to brighten your outlook, it’s watching rabbits jump over tiny, rabbit-sized obstacles. Right? (We’re sure the Rabbit Hopping Association of America would agree.)

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