Let’s be real: things haven’t been great for most people lately. This article can’t claim to solve any of life’s big problems, but we do hope it’ll make you feel better for a little while.

Fact 1 | The Post-it note was invented completely by accident.

Dr. Spencer Silver, a scientist at the company 3M, was researching ways to make stronger, tougher adhesives, when he accidentally discovered one that stuck to surfaces but didn’t bond with them. For years, he struggled to find a use for his invention, until Art Fry, one of his colleagues, realized it would be useful to have a bookmark that would adhere to pages without damaging them. The two worked on their invention together. When they realized that they had started to use bits of paper covered with the adhesive to pass messages back and forth, the Post-it was born. SOURCE

Sorry, fans of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Michele was not in any way involved.

Fact 2 | The world’s most quiet room is at Microsoft headquarters.

The room is the most effective example of an “anechoic chamber,” where all sound from the outside world is locked out, and any sound produced inside has no echo. Extremely faint sounds, like the slithering of a snail, become audible due to the complete lack of background noise. Microsoft uses its room to test audio equipment, or the clicks and hums emanating from its computing products. SOURCE

Fact 3 | Squirrels will pretend to bury nuts to throw off thieves.

Finally, the reason you’re all here: the squirrel fact.

We all know that squirrels bury caches of nuts for the winter, and those of us with bird feeders in our yards have an appreciation for the deviousness of these rodents. But scientists have also observed that squirrels engage in a practice known as “deceptive caching”: Carrying a nut in their mouth, squirrels will dig a hole, then cover it up again without depositing the nut. Some squirrels will do this several times before they actually bury their bounty, leaving behind a trail of red herrings for any would-be thieves. 

Of course, squirrels are right to be concerned about nut thievery, as the video below demonstrates. SOURCE

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