Let’s be real: 2020 hasn’t been a great year for the world in general. This article can’t claim to solve any of life’s big problems, but we do hope it’ll make you feel better for a little while.

Fact 1 | In Switzerland, it’s illegal to own just one guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are social animals and get lonely without other members of their own species. So in 2008, the Swiss legislature approved a law that makes it illegal to own just one of them at a time. What if one of your guinea pigs dies, you ask? In those cases, you can turn to a guinea-pig rental service. Source

Fact 2 | A group of hippos is known as a “bloat.”

Animal group names will never stop being fascinating. Aside from the above-mentioned “bloat of hippos,” we’re also fond of  “a crash of rhinos,” “a murder of crows,” “a cackle of hyenas” and “a congress of baboons.”

Fact 3 | Squirrels cause so many power outages that the American Public Power Association developed a data tracker called “The Squirrel Index.”

We couldn’t leave you without another great squirrel fact.

The Squirrel Index (TSqI, for short) analyzes the pattern and timing of squirrel attacks to better prevent the very real disruption squirrels can cause to the electrical grid. Squirrels usually start trouble by chewing through insulation around power lines or burrowing into substations. Now, no one wants to watch a squirrel face a power line, but how about a little lesson on squirrel agility?

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